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Other "magic trick of the month" clubs are too complicated and expensive. MagicClub Live! is simple: you get a cool magic trick in the mail each month. Then, a week or two later, you log into Zoom for fun, live, interactive training with a professional magician.


That's it!

MagicClub Live! does not promise to raise your kid's self-esteem. It's not an anti-bullying program. It's just pure, clean, mind-stimulating fun. 

It's simple - no muss, no fuss. Do you want to cancel your subscription? No problem! Do you want to buy a couple of extra magic tricks​? No problem! Do you want to invite other people to the Zoom party? No problem!


MagicClub Live! is the easiest way to bring magic to your child or grandchild for about 50 cents a day!

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Your Magical Mentor


Christian the Magician learned his first magic trick at the ripe old age of five. But he's been a serious magician since he was nine.


Magic was a way for Christian to escape the difficulties he faced growing up. Christian would stow away in his room for hours practicing the magic tricks he found in a beginner's set given to him by a neighbor.

Later, he used magic to connect with the people around him - taking him from a shy, awkward boy to a confident, awkward adult.


Christian has been teaching magicians of all ages for over 20 years. Now you too can become a magician!

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